Group or Individual therapy?

Making the decision

It can be hard to decide whether you opt for group therapy or individual sessions. It really depends on your personality - what works for one individual doesn’t for another. Some people work better one-to-one, others get a great deal out of meeting people experiencing similar difficulties and working in a group setting. To help you make a decision, I have received feedback from previous clients about what they have found beneficial and possible drawbacks of both options. I hope this helps you make a decision but please remember we can explore this together if needed...

Group Option

  + Enables you to meet others with similar issues, who you wouldn’t ordinarily meet

  + Promotes learning from several sources, not just a therapist

  + Potential for developing an informal support network after the group

  + Could work out more cost effective than individual sessions

  -/+ The group setting does not allow for an intense understanding of the individual issue as there are potentially seven
      other people also working together

Individual therapy option

    + Enables you to work intensely with your therapist

    + Allows you to develop a good alliance with your therapist, which evidence suggests promotes speedy recovery  

    + Enables you to work with your therapist to develop a personalised way of working and an individualised relapse
         management plan  

     - No opportunity to meet and work with others experiencing similar issues to you, therefore preventing peer learning  

     - Can be more expensive to work 1:1 with your therapist

Whatever you decide, please remember if you choose one option you can always change your mind. You are in charge of your own therapy options.