" Thank you just doesn't come close to what I feel. But for the want of other words they are deep felt. I was scared to start with, but you quickly gained my trust and that is a huge deal to me. I wish you all the best and may you help many many more people" - Vicky (Jan 19)

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Jo. She listens very intently and her suggested approaches helped me a lot" - Anonymous (Nov 18)

"Jo provided a relaxed atmosphere with informed discussions. The end of each session made me feel less agitated" - Mick (Oct 18)

"I started therapy worried about not clicking with my therapist. But at all times I have felt comfortable and safe. I am blown away with the progress I have made and of how much of a massive impact this has had on me" - Alex (Nov 18)

"This has been a great experience. I was doubtful at first but its been such a positive experience. I was able to feel comfortable, talk freely and connect with Jo. To be able to speak confidentially made it worth while." - Nicola (Nov 18)

"Sessions were hard to begin with but as time went on I grew into the session. The service was informed and professional" - Oliver (Nov 18)