How I work

Working together

My philosophy as a therapist is that I may have experience in working in mental health and knowledge regarding certain problems, but you are expert with regards to you. I therefore see the therapeutic process as a mutual journey where we work together to help identify and work through problems you have identified as causing you difficulty.

I am committed to ethical working. As your therapist I will ensure that I offer a safe place to explore and learn from issues causing you anxiety and upset. I feel very strongly that a key part of effective therapy is introducing and maintaining professional boundaries from the outset and this is an integral part of my practice. You can therefore expect the following from our sessions:

To be treated with respect and understanding

To be my priority during our sessions

For me to be transparent and honest in my practice

To receive a professional service

Trust & empathy

This is supported by the fact that I am fully DBS checked in addition to being covered by professional liability insurance.

I am passionate about helping people regain control of their own lives. My work from the outset is about enabling you, as my client, to develop and practice tools that you can use in your life after therapy. Therefore we will be working together towards your recovery.

Therapeutic process