Keeping on track


I find that goals for therapy enable both parties to ‘keep on track’ and ensure that you are getting what you need from the experience. I would advise you to have a think about what these might be – but please don’t worry about getting them pinned down. If you are feeling confused and just want to talk through what’s happening now, we can work on goals together. However, some questions to ask yourself...

Questions to ask yourself ...

What do I want to be doing at the end of therapy that I feel unable to do currently?


What steps will help me get there?


When will I know I no longer require therapy?

What will my life look like?

Please remember... goals can change in the course of treatment - you may reach a few of your goals early on and decide you want to give yourself new ones. We can discuss this throughout treatment as we will hold regular reviews, giving us both a


chance to reflect on our work together.